Pretty In Pink

Our 'dusty pink' is so soft and beautiful. I can imagine a little girl's bedroom with one of these sitting on her shelf - filled with childhood memories and photos. All the things that made her laugh, smile and enjoy life.

This box went out to Maria from @ellaessiphotography last week. She absolutely LOVES it!!

print box customised II.jpg

New Product

We are super-excited about our new Four Photo Concertina.  Inspired by the popularity of our Two Photo Concertina, we designed this little beauty.  Currently limited only to professional photographers, these high quality folders are covered in Japanese Cotton and come in five colours.

4 photo concertina.jpg

Something Truly Personal

We are always being wowed by the creative genius of our customers.

And this photo album design from Peta at Heavenly Memorial Designs is total genius!!

Hudson's proud Mummy scanned her son's rainbow painting, and had it printed on an 8x10 matted photo album.

This is something truly personal, that will become a family treasure.  And it's possible because we have no minimum orders - every album can be unique. 

Here's a link to our templates - see what genius you can do!


personalised photo album
personalised photo album australia
matted photo album australia

A Great Resource For Photographers

You know what it's like.  You want to source something specifically Australian photography-related...when Google throws a lot of irrelevant links at you.

What you need is a one-stop resource for sourcing Australian-based photography suppliers.  And the Style Pose Click website is really good a finding exactly what you need nearby.

It's by the clever ladies behinds Prop Fair, so you'll know it is well run, and is just what you need.  

They're not sponsors...we just think they provide an excellent resource for photographers.

Make a visit.

We Now Offer Templates For Your Personalisation!

We have just released over 50 beautiful templates to help you with your personalisation.

They make it easy to individualise your albums with your client's details.

Simply order your albums in our Online Store, then order your ready-made template in the Personalisation Store.

Here's just a few of the choices available to you....



New Products Ideal For Kinder and Family Photographers.

With the new kinder year starting right around the corner, now is the time to plan your 2017 packages!

These products are ideal for Kinder and Family photographers because:

1.  They have smaller capacities - they can hold 2, 4, 5 or 6 images.

2.  They are Slip-In Matted Albums, so they are super easy to prepare.

3.  Many of the albums are cloth, giving you the opportunity to give your customers a premium option.

4.  They are inexpensive, but you can charge a premium price.

5.  You can get them personalised with your logo, or the kinder's name.



Easily our most popular product, the six photo
matted album is the perfect size for kinder photos.

They hold six 5x7 inch matted prints. 

Album: $20 each
with pro code (see below).


Ask us about bulk discounts and personalisation - we have custom pricing just for Kindergarten Photographers.



Perhaps your packages are a little smaller.

This 2 photo folder maybe economic, but has that premium feel to it. 

Maximum impression for minimal cost!

They hold two 5x7 inch matted prints. 

Folio: $12 each
with pro code (see below).


Ask us about bulk discounts and personalisation - we have custom pricing just for Kindergarten Photographers.


Kinder Photographers Concertina.jpg

If 6 photos is too many, and 2 too few - then this one is just right!

These concertina folders hold four 5x7 inch matted prints. 

Folio: $15 each
with pro code (see below).


Ask us about bulk discounts and personalisation - we have custom pricing just for Kindergarten Photographers.


Impress mums and be remembered with these gorgeous USBs.

Print your subjects and/or your logo for one fixed amount.

No minimums, so you can literally print the image of every family on every USB you sell. 

From: $14 each individually personalised.






It's time to be thinking about your packages for 2017!!

It's never too early to plan your year.


Here's 5 ways to improve your business this year:

- 1 -


Learn how to personalise your packages here.

Wedding Albums Melbourne


- 2 -


There are many many opportunities to generate extra income as a photographer.  

You really do need to offer more than just digital files.

Price and design your packages here.


- 3 -


It's time to spruce up your product offerings.
Discover new and affordable ways to excite your clients here.


baby photographer melbourne


- 4 -


There are quality presentation products out there at affordable prices.
Find them at The Photographer's Toolbox.



- 5 -

Call Desleigh on 0412 840 269 to discuss your needs or email her at: iNFO@THEPHOTOGRAPHERSTOOLBOX.COM To get your discount code.



Big thanks to Stacey McCarthy Photography, Natalie Woods Photography, Forever Image Studio, Umbilical Love Photography and Louise Sedgman - Equine Photography for the generous use of their package photos.

Five Photo Matted Album With A USB Compartment

We are super excited about our latest album design because it solves two problems in one neat package.

It's both a way to present your images in a handy five photo album and a snug way to present your USB!!  

The album alone can cost as little as AUD$21.00 with a pro discount code (easy to get with just a quick email - if you make a living from photography).

The cover of your album or the USB (sold separately) can be custom-printed for a small extra cost.

You can see more about this album at this link here.


Special tanks to Belynda Wells from Little Blessings Photography and of course to happy little Andrina..

Squeals of Delight

Imagine the squeals of delight when Mel from Mel T Photography delivers these works of art!

Gorgeous work Mel!

Visit our personalisation page for prices and start designing your own personalised photo albums and USBs today.

Making Your Own Peel & Stick Album

Putting your own photo album together is a lot easier than you imagine!!  

We've made a quick video to take the mystery out of working with our Peel & Stick photo albums.


New Photo Album Designs

Here's a few ideas for your Album Personalisation printing.....

Call us on 0412 840 269 to chat about your personalisation needs.



Your personalisation options are endless!!!

Here are a few possibilities to inspire you.

These designs can apply to your photography albums, USB presentation folders, presentation boxes, and your own personalised USB drives.

Happy Ballarat Families

There'll be some very happy parents in Ballarat soon.  They'll be over the moon when they receive their kinder photos from Mel T Photography.  Melissa, a Ballarat-based family photographer visited our showroom to design her own unique photo albums for her kindergarten customers.  This is what we created together.

It's a Six Photo Matted Album that allows photographers to easily slip in their own 5x7 inch images.  Easy, no fuss, and quick! 

An album like this costs just $42* for the album and with both back and front personalisation.  Or $24 for the album without the personalised printing.

Click here for more information about the six photo 5x7 slip-in albums.

*Pro photographers receive pro discounts.  Contact us to find out more, and let us help you design your own unique photo albums.

Making Your Image Presentations Extra Special

Presenting your pictures to your client is going to be a little more special from now on.

Delight your customer before they have even seen their pictures with these wonderful wooden USB drives.  

Their 2GB, 4GB or 8GB capacity will hold your files easily and they'll fit neatly into our cloth USB presentation boxes.

And, like almost all of our products you can get them personalised with our quality printing technology.

Click here for more information.




Personalisation Is Here!!

You can now personalise your photo albums, presentation folders and USBs with your logo or your client's names.   

You can even print a photo on your album cover with our new printing technology.

We can now supply and print on a range of  USBs to suit our boxes and folios, or on their own. 

Names, dates, messages, photos, logos - we'll help you create something unique.

Let us help you stand out in the crowd. Just imagine all the things you can do!

Contact us on 0412 840 269 for more info about pricing.

Prices and ordering will be available through the website store in the coming days. Melbourne customers are welcome to visit the warehouse for design and ordering.

Feel free to call us to make an appointment.


Ask us about our Anna & Kristoff design.

Ask us about our Anna & Kristoff design.




Product Spotlight: DVD Presentation

You have put your heart and soul into making your client's images, so it seems a little bit of an anti-climax handing over a plain USB thumb-drive.  They are a bit cold and and inhuman, don't you think?

You can create a warm and joyous experience at the 'image hand-over' with these professional presentation folios and boxes.

Which is why a little presentation goes a long way.  A simple inexpensive USB presentation folder is all you need to make a cold transaction into a memorable experience.

We have a few to choose from, from photo boxes to presentation folders like the one pictured here.

Click here for more information about our USB presentation products.




USB Cloth Presentation Folio

USB Cloth Presentation Folio