We stock heavy duty muslin backdrops in a huge variety of mottled and solid colours.


Large size - 3 x 6 metres.


Mottled Muslin Backdrops


Heavy duty material with sewn edges.


The sewn-in pocket allow easy hanging from a background stand.


With the backdrop pole pocket sewn in to the fabric, they are ready to hang and put to use.  

Muslin Backdrops Australia

These backdrops are ideal studio and location shoots as they are easy to use and machine washable.  

Use their vibrant colours to style your family portrait or newborn photo sessions.   For a fast change over, If you are using one of our backdrop stand sets, they have a big strong crossbar.  

You could hang two of these backdrops side by side at one end, and only spread the one you need.  Then when you are finished, just scrunch it up and shove it in a bag, to keep it looking good.  

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