The Photographer’s Toolbox is an online store for photographers of every kind. A place where you can find professional quality photo albums, boxes & USBs, presentation products, photography backdrops and studio equipment at affordable prices.  

We offer a huge range of styles, colours, fabrics and DIY options.  Impress your clients with super fast delivery - most of our products are ready to ship, and we pride ourselves on having fantastic customer service.  We understand how busy you are, so our pricelist and online store are easy to use.  Find the products you need, see the price you'll pay and go straight to checkout. 

Like you, we make pictures for a living.  We know the lengths you go to, to find the right products to offer your clients.  The hours you spend editing and perfecting every image.  You are always on the lookout for new ways to present your work and for products that you can offer your clients, that won't devour your profit.  We make sure every product is of a quality and price that is extremely affordable and competitive on the Australian market.  

We design our own products and get a lot of feedback from our customers, to make sure we are on track.   If you'd like to be kept up to date with new products and info, please use the subscription form on our home page.  If you are looking for something, and you haven't found it here, please call us and tell us about it.  We might already have it in the design pipeline. Or we can help you find it.  Or better still, we can look at adding it to our range for you.

Who We Are:

A small family business, focused on good quality products, honest, reliable service and a genuine interest in helping you.

Desleigh is a wedding and family photographer, mum of 2 little ratbags, and co founder of The Photographer's Toolbox.  

She had been using Peel'n'Stick albums for years.  When her supplier announced his retirement, she wondered where she'd get her supply.  Instead of buying enough albums to get her by, or trying to find a new supplier, she bought the business!  Which means she won't ever run out - and neither will her customers!!  Being a 'customer' for so long, Desleigh knows how to treat people well, so you'll always be made to feel welcome and looked after. 

Rory is the 'quiet' achiever in the team.  You won't always see or hear him, but he's always there in the background, helping things run smoothly.  When he's not at the warehouse, he's busy shooting annual reports & architecture around the world.

Where We Are:

Our showroom and warehouse is at 5/17 Southfork Drive, Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We love meeting our customers, so you are welcome to collect your orders directly from us, or visit our showroom to take a closer look at our products. We don't follow 'normal' business hours, so please give us a call on 0412 840 269 to arrange a time. n