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30% off LAST ONE Backdrop Stand Set Up - Heavy Duty.

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30% off - LAST ONE

Lightweight aluminium backdrop stand set and carry bag. 

Heavy duty - set includes two stands and one crossbar with 4 sections - supplied in heavy duty carry bag.  Our 3x6m backdrops fit perfectly.  The stands are air cushioned, meaning they won't get 'sticky' over time and your fingers are safe from being squished.

Max. height of each stand is 2.8m   Max width of crossbar is 3.2m

The size of the bag is 120cm x 22cm x 14cm

The weight of the kit including the bag is 4.6kg

We really love these backdrop stands. They are perfect for set ups on the move. They are strong, but lightweight. And the carry bag makes them totally portable.

Photographers love how easy and portable they are. With the shorter options for the crossbar length, they’ll fit in most spaces, even small lounge rooms. Great for photographers that do location shoots at their client’s home. Home studio photographers love their strength. They are so easy to put up and pull down for every shoot if you don’t have a permanent space. And there’s plenty of room for your newborn beanbag or frame between the stands. 

They're also popular with dance groups and people using Zoom or YouTube.    Make sure you also check out the backdrops that are also on sale for 50% off.