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Almost perfect & 'final stock' products

Almost perfect:

Quality control is serious business in our warehouse.  Any small imperfection means a product can't be sold at full price.  So it comes here, to our clearance collection, to find someone that will love it, just the way it is. 

The products listed here are limited and the imperfections vary.  But don't worry, they are usually tiny things like a mark on the cover or one of the pages inside.  Nothing that makes the product any less usable.  We just can't offer it to customers at full price. 

Sale items can't be personalised.  No refunds or returns on sale items.  

Final stock products:

If you're looking for a bargain, you're sure to find one here, in our 'final stock' products.  All these products are A grade quality.  We just don't have many left in stock.  This list changes all the time, so don't leave it for later - it might be gone.

Sale items can't be personalised.  No refunds or returns on sale items.