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Albums - Dry Mount

How do Dry Mount Photo Albums work?

Dry mount photo albums are really flexible, giving you maximum layout options.  A favourite for photo booths and guest books, with plenty of space for photos and hand written messages on the same page.

It's a more hands-on, scrap booking approach to photo albums, where your personality and creativity can shine.  Your photo album will be uniquely yours!

Use one of our PHOTO SAFE ADHESIVES to fix your photos/mementos to the pages.  Choose from acid free adhesive stickers (500 pack) or a handy adhesive roller (12 metres). 


Capacity:  Dry mount photo albums can accommodate a lot more photos than the other album styles, with generous pages, so you can fit a lot of memories inside.

Protective pages:  Each page is protected by an acid-free interleaving page which protects your images from harming each other, and from sticking to one another.  In our albums, this page is light textured glassine that sits between the pages of the album.  **NOTE:  Not available in all drymounts.  See listings**

Book bound:  They cannot be re-filled with extra pages.  They have quality stitching that will hold the album together for many years to come.

Page Thickness:  Our pages are just the right thickness at 180 GSM.  They'll hold your precious memories securely.

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