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USB Presentation Box

USB Presentation Boxes.

USB Presentation BoxWooden USB presentation Box

Linen USB Presentation Box

Confidently present your images to clients with an affordable and elegant USB Presentation Box designed specifically for your USBs.

The USB Box and the Presentation Box for USB are designed to hold a single USB.  The others come with a space to hold between 80 and 150 regular-thickness photographic prints.

The USB Box is our most popular box for those wanting a simple USB presentation box.  The Print Photo Box is the most popular box for customers needing a space to present their photo prints


Product  Name

 Material Print Capacity Price
USB Box Fabric N/a $29
Presentation Box for USB Card N/a $15 incl. logo
Print Photo Box 7x5" Card 150 prints. $24 incl. logo
Wooden Box 7x5" Wood 90 prints. $56
Wooden Box 6x4" Wood 90 prints. $43
Portrait Photo Box 7x5" Fabric 120 prints $47
Premium Photo Box 10x8" Fabric 150 prints $89
Premium Photo Box 11x14" Fabric 150 prints $99
Print Photo Box 7x5" Fabric 80 prints $52

Some of our USB Boxes come in wood, making them perfect for rustic wedding photos and new born baby keepsakes.

The Presentation Box is also very popular due to it cost-effectiveness at $15, including the logo print on the lid.  It's made from quality card and comes in black or white.