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Is your logo file up to scratch??????

An eye catching logo is a great start. Something that is different to everyone else.

But we strongly suggest AVOIDING those cheap online deals you see for "do it yourself" logos or people that claim to be graphic designers. Some are just using Canva templates and charging you a fortune for the same design they just sold to someone else.

We see so many logos come through our office. It's crazy how many look the same!! And it's sad when I chat with a professional photographer that has paid big bucks for a low quality logo and we can't print it. Scammers are out there. 🤬

If you pay someone to design a logo for you, make sure you get what you pay for! If you plan to use your logo for brochures or products, you will need a 'vector' file. Vectors will have one of these extensions:"SVG" — Scalable Vector Graphics (. svg)

"DXF" — AutoCAD drawing exchange format (.dxf)

"EPS" — Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)

"PDF" — Adobe PDF format

If your designer does not give you at least one of these file types, ask for it. If you want to design your own, Canva Pro has SVG as a download option. It's worth the extra money if you want your logo to be usable by companies you order products and printing from.

If you only have .jpg , .png or .psd logo files, you are going to run into trouble, because these file types will pixelate as you enlarge them. Vectors don't lose quality when you enlarge.

The best thing about a vector is you can easily change the colour and edit your design in Illustrator. If you want us to print your logo in white, all you need to do upload your SVG file when you order. It's best to send us your logo in black - so we can see it - then add a note at checkout to change it to white. EASY!

If you have any questions, call or write to us!