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50% off 3x6m Muslin cotton backdrop material - 'mottled colours'

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3 meters across with pole pocket at the top x 6m drop with sewn edges.

You won't find material of this size and quality in your local fabric store.

Heavy duty, light weight, muslin cotton material.  Seamless, thick fabric. You won't find this kind of size in Spotlight.  Perfect for dance & theatre groups.

Gorgeous fabric for making kids tee pee tents.  There's enough fabric to make matching cushions!

Available in a BIG range of tie dye colours.

Ready to hang.  Sewn in pole pocket for easy set up. Sewn edges for a neat finish.  Machine washable. 

  • These backdrops are fantastic for photography studios, corporate events, dance companies and other sporting groups needing a large seamless backdrop.  
  • They are light, easy to use and machine washable.
  • A great variety of vibrant and neutral colours to suit any occasion.
  • Avoid folding - it creates a permanent crease!
  • Pet photographers that use these need to wash them after every shoot. Some like to use industrial clothes driers at their local laundromat for fast drying. Wash in cold water, and they’ll last for years.
  • Backdrop colours shown in photos are a pretty good representation, but they are approximate. Each backdrop is hand dyed, so no two are exactly alike. If you need more than one, contact us and we’ll see if we have what you need from the same batch.