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7x5" 'Maple' Wooden Box (EMPTY - Photo lid is an optional extra)


  • 7x5 inch wooden box with 2 areas.

    Outer size: 251mm x 155mm x 34mm deep.

    Large area (inside): 189mm x 137mm x 25mm deep. This section will comfortably hold 100 regular thickness 7x5" photo prints without mounts or borders.

    Small area (inside): 35mm 137mm x 25mm deep.  (USB sold separately)

    Colours available: This one is Maple (light wood) Also available in walnut (dark wood).

    Print your photo the lid: (optional) Click the PERSONALISE YOUR PRODUCT button and upload your photo to order.  Your image will be cropped to size for you if it needs to be. So make sure the photo you choose has some space around the important part.  

    Supply your photo 'ready to print':  Crop your image 248mm wide x 146mm high @300ppi in Photoshop.  Allow at least 5mm around each side for cropping during print process. And allow 10mm for the wooden frame of the lid. Don't have body parts or writing too close to the edges.  Save it as a JPG.  Click the PERSONALISE YOUR PRODUCT button to upload and order.

    Printing a name/date on the photo lid (over the photo):  A complete file will need to be supplied 'ready for print'.  (Or we can create it for you. $15 fee - contact us)  Flatten the layers before saving as a JPG. Click the PERSONALISE YOUR PRODUCT button to upload and order. 

    Logos: If you are ordering a logo print, for best results, please make sure the file you supply is high res, larger than 100kb. If your logo has white in it, please contact us before ordering.  Click the PERSONALISE YOUR PRODUCT button to upload and order. 

    No minimum order.

    ** NOTE: Every box is different.  Sometimes the wood grains show more detail in one box compared to another.  That's the nature of wood.  The grain will show through your image to some degree.  If you are looking for a super smooth photo on a box, a wooden box isn't the one for you.  We can't accept returns if you don't like the look of the grain.