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Albums - Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive Photo Albums: Flexible and super easy to use.

Close up of the Self Adhesive Photo Album from The Photograhper's ToolboxThe Self Adhesive Photo Album from The Photographer's Toolbox

These self-adhesive photo albums are a version of the classic album with a modern make-over.  Simply peel the plastic sheet back, place your photo or memento on the page, then put the sheet back in place.  Done!

You also have the option to get the cover personalised, making your photo album truly special!


Fabric Covered Self Adhesive Photo Albums: $44

The fabric covered albums come in grey and tan coloured fabrics.  They have 20 pages with 40 photo safe, adhesive sides.

White Self Adhesive Photo Albums: $25

The white album has 10 pages with 20 photo safe, adhesive sides.

Here are some great ways to use the Self Adhesive Photo Album:

  • School photos - make them a collection, year after year!
  • Sports ribbons & certificates.
  • Memorialise your favourite concerts with tickets & photos from the show.
  • Artwork - all those cute little drawings the kids do.
  • Memories from your travels - train/ferry/plane tickets and currency alongside your travel photos.
  • Pressed flowers, autumn leaves, and quiet memories.
  • Birthday cards.
  • Christmas memories - photos, gifts cards, tinsel.  Even those bad jokes from the crackers!  They are all memories we love to hold on to.


We can make your album extra special with a personalised cover of your own design.  Click on the personalisation button on the product page to upload your artwork.


Your Self Adhesive Photo Albums will be a treasure chest of memories for generations to come.